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Hi Jakub,

At this point of time, sequel bot can be deployed only on our Server. There isn't open version available yet.

Hi Lance,

Currently, player.gender is not available. Will pass on this to the concerned team to add this in our upcoming list. However, for now you can use the input node and store this in a variable (like {gender}).

Hi Isaiah,

The issue with your bot has been fixed and is now up and running.

Hi Isaiah,

I'm currently looking into this right now. Will update you soon.

Thanks Michael! We'll respond to you via email.

Hi Isaac,

Currently, to play new episodes in a bot, you will need to type /restart. The feature to automatically start any new episodes added in a bot is in progress and will become available soon. We'll update here as soon as this is implemented.

Hi Michael,

Our team has already got in touch with you via email regarding this request. Please respond to the onsequel team email which was sent to you.


Hope you've received the answer to your query via private message you sent us.

Hi Yeadon,

Could you please send us your FB Messenger bot name?