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Add more question node tree as you see for Q1 to Q5.

Please point me to your bot link at

Those are standard messages across all bots and can't be changed for specific bots.

This happens if you've deleted the conversations for this bot. Type /restart and let me know if it works.

Type /restart and let me know if it works?

I've unlinked the FB page from your bot. You can now go ahead and link your new bot to FB page.

We need the Page ID of Facebook page which can be found in Settings --> About section. Also, send us over the URL of any episode of your bot.

We need the link to your bot at along with the Page ID of FB page which was linked to your bot. Once this is received, we'll be able to unlink the FB page from your bot.

I'm sorry, we do not have this feature in our platform.

I've checked and do not see the "bot is busy" message. Could you pls try restarting and let me know if there is any issue?