Why do you have to restart the entire bot whenever there's an update?

Isaac 4 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 4 years ago 5

This is tedious for players and they have to restart the entire game EVERY time I add a new episode... How can I fix this?


Hi Isaac,

Currently, to play new episodes in a bot, you will need to type /restart. The feature to automatically start any new episodes added in a bot is in progress and will become available soon. We'll update here as soon as this is implemented.


Thank you for this information! :D Ive made a temporary work around, but I'm looking forward that update! Keep up the good work!

Hi Praveen, any news on this one?

Once you've completed all available episodes and added a new episode, the new episode will automatically start with few hours from the time the new episode was published.