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For this, you will need to add a new message node in sequence and add one sentence in each of them.

We are looking into this issue and will get back.

I'm afraid re-arranging of player choices isn't possible in our platform. You will need to change the player choices text.

You should not add the "Returning User" node feature in the first episode of your bot. This can be added in any other episode. Pls remove this "Returning User" type in the start node of first episode and let me know if it's responding.

We do not support integration of fan page to Sequel bot platform.

There is a limitation in the length of messages you use in the chat bot. Could you pls let us know in which platform do you see this message truncated?

I've unlinked this FB page from your bot. Let me know if you are facing any issues.

I need the Page ID of your FB Page - Hello.BeeCee . The Page ID can be found in Page Settings --> About section

Pls point me to your bot link at along with the PageID of Facebook page which was linked.

Our technical team is looking into this issue...