Get Started not working on Facebook Messenger after deleting initial conversation

Sam Hager 4 years ago updated by Zin 4 years ago 6

This may be a Facebook issue but in testing my bot on Messenger, the sequel conversation worked beautifully the first time through. However, when I deleted the conversation (in order to start from the top at the "Get Started button), Messenger will no longer advance; the Get Started button persists and does not let me enter the conversation. Any ideas? Thank you in advance!


Hey Sam,

you need to type in /restart to be able to start at the beginning again. No help (and no need) to delete the conversation.



Hi Manuel, thank you for the info, got it back up and going. Part of the problem was that I could not type in the message bar. Only the "Get Started" button was exposed and when clicked, would act like it was trying to enter the conversation but would stall and persist. So I couldn't type /restart even if I wanted to.

Hi, I'm facing the same issue, did you find a resolution?

Hi Yeadon,

Could you please send us your FB Messenger bot name?


Thanks Manuel for helping out Sam!

Sam - Do let us know if you are facing any issue with your bot. BTW, how's it going with your bot so far? Let us know if you need any help.

Hi Praveen,

Seem this bug still exists in my Bot. Can you help to guide us what is the solution to solve it?