Nothing is happening when I click "Start"

BeautyCase 2 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 2 years ago 8


Yesterday, I published to Messenger and bot is stuck then. When I start, nothing is happening.
At first, bot worked but a bug appeared because I also have an account on
Chatfuel. So, both of my accounts appeared on the messages. Then I published and unpublished, duplicated, deleted the duplication etc.

Sorry for my bad english. Hope it's clear !

Today, when I "start" nothing is happening. I deleted the conversation on Messenger and restarted but it didn't fix the problem.

Could you please help me?


Pls point me to your bot link at onsequel.com along with the PageID of Facebook page which was linked.


I need the Page ID of your FB Page - Hello.BeeCee . The Page ID can be found in Page Settings --> About section


Thanks for helping Praveen !

I've unlinked this FB page from your bot. Let me know if you are facing any issues.

Dear Praveen,

It's not working. Bot seems stuck when I start.

Is this issue comes from my other account on Chatfuel?


We do not support integration of fan page to Sequel bot platform.