Cannot see entire text

Lili Somogyi 6 years ago updated by christoper chris 4 years ago 5

Hey! When I test my chatbot I cannot see the entire text of the buttons and even the replies. So at one point it just goes like: "text text bla..."

How can I fix this? I need for my visitors to see the entire text of the buttons and text because we use the chatbot as customer service.


There is a limitation in the length of messages you use in the chat bot. Could you pls let us know in which platform do you see this message truncated?

hello? it is NOT answered...

Facebook Messenger. Now, with the question part I managed to deal with it by seperating the texts in multiple messages. But with the buttons, it only shows 16 characters plus dot-dot-dot. 

I cannot give you a link, it's not a live chatbot, it's still under construction.

Praveen, what can I do so the buttons show the whole text?

I have this same issue! Please help!