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Hey Hamid - please email us at - we'll be able to help you out there with more specific instructions.

I see that you've published to Telegram - when I look at your bot there, I see a Start button. How are you sharing the bot with people? If you search for the bot in Telegram or if you click the link<botname>, the "Start" button does appear, so users don't need to type anything :)

Thanks for this - try it out again and you should be all set!

Just changed to title of the thread to clean up the forum - sorry you're having trouble - we're working on it!

Hi there - thanks for bringing this up! We're working on a fix now and will release it in the next couple of days :)

Yep, you can can definitely publish in different languages. Whatever language you use to enter the text in your bot will appear on the different platforms. Right now, we don't do any translations to different languages though.

Sure thing! Please let us know if there are any other questions we can answer!

We agree and we're working on it :)

Please reach out to us directly at with any other suggestions - we'd love to hear them!

Hi there!

When you publish your bot to Facebook messenger initially, only you and other admins are able to chat with the bot, so it is private :)

To make it live for other people, you'll need to go through the Facebook approval process - we can help guide you through that!


Hi Pavel,

Sorry that you're having this issue! I've reached out to you directly to problem solve - we'll get you all set up!