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why Can't I Save what I Programed :/

Juggalo 4 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 4 years ago 12

why Can't I Save what I Programed :/

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Hi Juggalo,

Any changes you make in you episode at onsequel.com, it get's automatically saved. Also, we have "save" icon to manually save if you'd like to. Could you please let us know at what instance your data is not getting saved?

Hi Juggalo,

We've checked your Kik bot which was published, looks like there is an issue here. You've used the Kik bot details (bot ID and API key) with another domain as well. Could you please confirm to which other domain have you linked this bot with?

ok. Its, api.ai but I wanted to. Switch and have the selection opinions but it want work. It keep going out after texting it.........(Plz answer back right away)

I want it to run by this site. :'( [Plz fix it]

- The Wiz Team

Plz fix the live. Thing and check for any other bugs. But my friend tried using the site. But he dont know how it work.... Explain plz 😷😷😷😫😫😫

Comon man.... HELPPPPPP 😭😭😭

  1. heres my old logo... Sorry just bored....
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  3. And c my site if u like it give me ideas on how to make it betta!

Did you use the Kik bot details in any other domain other than onsequel?

Api.ai.com thats all..

Give me shout out plz.....

Just changed to title of the thread to clean up the forum - sorry you're having trouble - we're working on it!


You can't have the bot linked up on two different domains. This is what's causing the issue. You will need to use different bot details to publish your bot on two domains.

Regarding your bot created at onsequel.com, I'd suggest you to duplicate the bot and publish it on Kik with new details (bot name and API key). Let me know if you need any help on this.