FB Messenger - external links not showing up

rtsbeacon@gmail com 7 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 7 years ago 2

I have published a Bot on Telegram and Facebook Messenger that asks the user if they would like a song recommendation. If "yes" the bot sends a link to a song on soundcloud. It works great on Telegram but on FBM the message with the link is never received/sent and the follow up message "would you like another song" appears.

any ideas?

Under review

Hi there - thanks for bringing this up! We're working on a fix now and will release it in the next couple of days :)


Hi there,

Sorry for the delay and thank you for being patient. The issue related to external links has been fixed on FB Messenger. Any external link you add will appear as embedly content and upon clicking it opens in a browser. Let me know if you need any further help with your bot. Good luck!