How can I get rid of /start?

Hamid Sedghi 4 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah 4 years ago 8

I want to create a BOT for non professional people. They cannot type "/start" each time to run it.ow can I use a start button or something simple to start the BOT?

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I see that you've published to Telegram - when I look at your bot there, I see a Start button. How are you sharing the bot with people? If you search for the bot in Telegram or if you click the link telegram.me/<botname>, the "Start" button does appear, so users don't need to type anything :)

Only first time has start button, if you want to run this bot for the second time, you need to type /start.


Hi Hamid,

For the first time when you chat with the bot, "Start" button will be present. However, if you want to restart the bot for the second, third....time, /restart or /start need to be typed.

Finally thanks for this so neewbie advice.

Seem's to me if the rules are need to change on each user that interact with bot need to do /restart, or he will display the old rules and if i will update the bot coversation nothing will change on user side untill he will type /restart

Yes, /restart will reset the bot and start over from the beginning. Also, any changes you've made in the bot will be reflected in the chat with /restart.

the restart/stop/start command work's only for admin or for all ?

/restart command works for everyone.