How exactly do you publish a bot on Kik? (Goes further than what's written in the FAQ)

Pavel 7 years ago updated by racheal 7 years ago 1


I followed all the instructions in the FAQ, created Kik account, all this is good. Then I communicated to Sequel the name & API key and published it 1 or 2 days ago.

But what do I do next?

I see my bot on Kik, but when I talk to it, it tells me to go to https://dev.kik.com/#/docs to see what to do further. Obviously it hasn't communicated with Sequel.

There are no guidelines for this in the FAQ. Should the bot be expected to work automatically after the Sequel Publishing function?

Thanks a lot!


Hi Pavel,

Sorry that you're having this issue! I've reached out to you directly to problem solve - we'll get you all set up!