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We need the link to your bot at onsequel.com along with the Page ID of FB page which was linked to your bot. Once this is received, we'll be able to unlink the FB page from your bot.

Hi there,

This is the page I would like the bot to be unlinked from please https://www.facebook.com/innovativeza/

The bot is:


We need the Page ID of Facebook page which can be found in Settings --> About section. Also, send us over the URL of any episode of your bot.

Please let me know if you need anything else.

It isnt actually linked to that bot, but I would like to link it to this bot.


I've unlinked the FB page from your bot. You can now go ahead and link your new bot to FB page.

You are a star, thank you so much - and for your quick response! This is an awesome program!

I have just linked the bot, and it now does not go past the 'get started' it just says 'we didnt understand' could you please assist. This is the bot that I have now connected, but does not pull up the greeting https://www.onsequel.com/channels/41397/episodes/68064/trees/68055

Thank you

Also, if I want to change the 'sorry we dont understand what you are saying' to something else, how can I do that?

Type /restart and let me know if it works?

Ok I will try that thank you

Is there a way of removing the text 'sorry we dont understand' to turn it off completely?

Those are standard messages across all bots and can't be changed for specific bots.

Can it be removed? As people respond and then that comes up and has no significance?

I'm afraid they can't be removed. Sorry about that.

The problem is, when people dont click 'get started' and they type anything, then that 'i dont undestand' bit comes up... What can we do to resolve this?

Sorry - I seem to have gotten them working nicely now. Thank you - just needed help with that response. Can you maybe escalate the query?


Also, when I click 'get started' this comes up - is there anyway of 'if this happens' taking the person to the options just after the welcome and removing the 'sorry we didnt understand' because most people dont know what a bit is?

Facebook ID 850286611669693

This is the episode on the bot https://www.onsequel.com/channels/41397/episodes/68064/trees/68055

I have the same issue.... i hope they can solve this problem fast.

Also, why sometimes do I click the 'get started' and nothing happens? People dont know that they are supposed to type 'restart'

Can you please help me with these issues. Thanks.

Hi there, I have not heard back from you - please would you kindly attend to my queries and respond. Also, I would like to change the email address linked to this account to claudia@innovativemarketing.co.za please help me. Thanks.

You will need to restart for the bot to start over. Could you pls provide me with the current email address associated with your account at onsequel.com?

claudia@innovativemarketing.co.za please - the current one is judd@innovativemarketing.co.za however I would like to change it, as I will be working with these.

When people are clicking get started, nothing is happening, thus prompting my response on Facebook itself to come up - which is fine, but then the options are not given: See the prompt from sequal chatbot are supposed to come after these two sentences.


Facebook ID 


Lee - You will not be able to link your bot to any other website other than FB page.