telegram bot is busy

James BM 6 years ago updated 5 years ago 8

I published to telegram, after some minor updates in text and dalays (from 5sec to 10 sec) bot always reply with "[name of character] is busy" I tried to revert the changes, update the bot, restart, start, anything.

How can I fix this?

bot is:



I've checked and do not see the "bot is busy" message. Could you pls try restarting and let me know if there is any issue?

Im stuck there, any ideas? should i unpublish my bot and try again?

Is this happening from all the accounts you play?

i have the same issue but in FB messenger.

Our technical team is looking into this issue...

I don't have another telegram account but I tested it on kik and it's happening again, the bot is randomly stuck on a delay, most of my delays are 10s, this time there is no error message, it just hangs in there, /restart command doesn't work

Two days ago both bots started working again, both suddenly at the same time. This is some server capacity problem?