Your comments

Yes, I seemed to have missed the chance to replay the episode and am now in episode 2. If we reinstall the app will it start over?

Any progress on the re-set button? I thought maybe it I hit 'leave' on the Sequel app it would let me start at the beginning again, but that was not the case.

Wow, great to hear!

When will we be able to see reader data for our stories?

Hi, sorry to be unclear,

For the reset button, I mean a similar button to "unsubscribe," that would allow you to automatically reset to the beginning any Sequel storygame episode you are playing.

Would that be possible?

Okay, that sounds like it'll do the trick, though to keep the noise level down, it would be nice to be able to attach these to each episode rather than the main channel page. Imagine a list of 25 images per episode, for example.

Okay, that's good to know.

Will there be an option eventually to turn the counter off? The reason I'm asking is that (thanking of Lifeline) it might be good for storytellers to be able to keep interactors in suspense.

Yeah, I'm realizing pacing is going to be key.

I guess my question is more about the selling structure:

will they pay for Sequel? Pay for games? Pay for episodes (with maybe the first ones being free?) Again, just thinking of promoting Sequel and the channels once they're out there.

Oh, doubly good! I was having so much trouble navigating the story tree. It was like trying to move around a prezi with slippery fingers.

Thank you, Michael, that's a big help!