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On average, how many lines of dialogue/message bubbles do you put between times the player will give some input (such as making a choice). I'm thinking about the user expectations across the whole system. If they get used to choosing frequently, stories that go longer without giving a choice or next might be at a disadvantage. I know we're pioneering this form as we go, but I wanted to see what other folks were doing.

Perfect, thanks! I should mention when I shrink the window, the head icons appear behind in the character's names in a strange way. Otherwise, perfect.

I'm Mark, and I am working on a channel with my writing partner Rob Wittig. Our background is in electronic lit, interactive storytelling, and something we call "netprov" -- which is improvised online storytelling. I also write a series of interactive stories with my kids under the title Mrs. Wobbles and the Tangerine House.

We're excited to be working with you all!