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Mark Marino and Rob Wittig 5 years ago updated by anonymous 3 years ago 9

A few requests for additional features.

I was reading through the amazing Sequel stories on the author app (possibly a previous version), and I was hoping for 2 additional features:

  1. A reset button for readers to able to re-start a story from the beginning at any time
  2. An unsubscribe button -- in case, I started reading one and no longer want to receive any notifications about this.

Even though, these are escape buttons, I feel they would help give readers a bit more freedom and would make them less afraid of committing to stories.


Hi Mark,

We appreciate your suggestions.

1) Reset node - This feature is currently available in Writer's Tool where you can connect a link to any previous node of your Story. There can't be any additional nodes (child nodes) connected to your Reset node.

2) Unsubscribe feature - Our user's have also suggested this feature. We will have this unsubscribe feature coming soon.

Hi, sorry to be unclear,

For the reset button, I mean a similar button to "unsubscribe," that would allow you to automatically reset to the beginning any Sequel storygame episode you are playing.

Would that be possible?


Yup! A "Story Reset" button is in the works. It would allow you to replay a story from the very beginning.

Any progress on the re-set button? I thought maybe it I hit 'leave' on the Sequel app it would let me start at the beginning again, but that was not the case.

Well, sorta kinda. We now show a "Replay the Episode" that appears at the end of the Episode. It allows the reader to replay an Episode from the very beginning again, but they need to finish it first.

"Leave" just means that you won't get any channel notifications, but it still keeps your "place" in the story. You could scroll back up and catch up on where you were.

I don't know when we will get the ability to restart the story anytime you want. :-( I will inquire.

Yes, I seemed to have missed the chance to replay the episode and am now in episode 2. If we reinstall the app will it start over?

That is correct! A "Story Reset" catch is in progress. It would enable you to replay a story from the earliest starting point. dissertation help