We could use a credits page

Mark Marino and Rob Wittig 7 years ago updated by Felicity Banks 7 years ago 4

In our piece, we're using images with CC licenses found on the Internet and need to list them in the credits. However, putting that page in the story itself doesn't seem to make sense. Can you add a credits page to each episode (perhaps linked from the Sequel listing of that episode), so that we can give the appropriate credits?

At the Channel level, we're going to provide you with a Creator's text area where you can place anything you want. You could put credits, dedications, forwards, personal bio, etc. You could also put any license info on that page, and list them per Episode.

Okay, that sounds like it'll do the trick, though to keep the noise level down, it would be nice to be able to attach these to each episode rather than the main channel page. Imagine a list of 25 images per episode, for example.


Ah, yes. Good point. We will have the ability to link out to stuff. So you could possibly put in a link to a separate credits page per Episode. Might look more tidy.

One of my eps has emotional footage of the graves/covered corpses of real firefighters as it's a forest fire story. I'd like to have a specific trigger warning for that ep I think. I'll put it there, but a link to an individual ep would help.