Profile Pics for Characters

Mark Marino and Rob Wittig 8 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 7

Is there a way to set the profile pics for the characters yet?


Hi Mark,

Yes, you can set profile pics for characters.

- In the tree page, double click on a node

- In the dropdown menu, select "Add a new character"

- You will now see the list of characters present

- Click on the profile image

- Choose an image available in your system to add it

Hope this helps. Do let me know if you are facing an issue setting profile pic.

Perfect, thanks! I should mention when I shrink the window, the head icons appear behind in the character's names in a strange way. Otherwise, perfect.

Hi Mark,

Yes, few of us are also facing this issue where the profile icon appears behind the character name. Our technical team is currently looking into this. Will update as soon as this is fixed.

For now, you can click on the image icon to set the character's profile pic.

That annoying zoom in/out window issue should now be fixed. :-)

BTW, the avatar icons are 90x90 pixels. You might want to use a non-white background in the photo/image, as the icons appear on a white field background. Also, the app applies the nifty circle frame for you.

Oh, doubly good! I was having so much trouble navigating the story tree. It was like trying to move around a prezi with slippery fingers.


@Mark - The issue with profile icon appearing behind the character name has been fixed. Please do check and let me know if you are still facing any issue here.


BTW, if you use the PLAYER character in your story, you won't need a character/avatar icon, since the PLAYER is essentially "You" and it's "your" phone.