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This doesnt work. My bot has totally stopped now. It also does not activate/start correctly for new users since the past few days on Messenger.

...just trying to figure out how big / common an issue this is

Ok, thanks. And there are no plans for introducing this either?

I just want all the text I've written in a textfile so I can use it for anything. For example: print the text, or edit in word, publish on a website, a pdf etc..

This is what one user gets - there should be choice buttons to progress the story, but they are not showing. So the user gets frustrated and starts to type free-text (also the buttons for help options arent showing). Screenshot from android.

so no plans to assure content creators can backup their original content? So I'm talking about exporting the contet which is created in sequel

...comment regarding tip nr (6) on how too use the message us button. Also seems like the bot doesnt autostart/restart the next time someone click the link

Cant find any app id or app for my bot, as proposed in the guide above. Seems outdated or not applicable?