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Offline backup or export

Magnus Nilsson 7 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 7 years ago 7

Can't find a way to make an offline backup of content created in onsequal. If I'm to consider this as a main platform going forward, this would be a requirement. Is there such an option, or what are the plans for this? Basically only the text and image content (or even just the text would do)


Hi Magnus,

I'm sorry, backup of content is not supported in Sequel. You will need to create your content in our Sequel platform.

so no plans to assure content creators can backup their original content? So I'm talking about exporting the contet which is created in sequel

Under review

So, where exactly you want to export the content created in Sequel?

I just want all the text I've written in a textfile so I can use it for anything. For example: print the text, or edit in word, publish on a website, a pdf etc..

I'm sorry Magnus, this export functionality isn't available in our Sequel platform.

Ok, thanks. And there are no plans for introducing this either?

Not as of now. Will keep you posted if it is implemented in near future.