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Choice buttons not showing for many users, but not all...

Magnus Nilsson 6 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 6 years ago 6

After having an small closed test, a high percentage of users report that the choice buttons arent showing, so they cant progress with the story. I seem to be getting the same issue myself on and off when running the bot. Its only for FB messenger, and same issue on web and mobile app (ios and android)

Under review

Hi Magnus,

I've checked and looks like it's working fine here. Could you please let me know at what instance the user choice buttons aren't showing and also screenshots will be helpful?

This is what one user gets - there should be choice buttons to progress the story, but they are not showing. So the user gets frustrated and starts to type free-text (also the buttons for help options arent showing). Screenshot from android.

Could you have this user type /restart and check if it works fine?

We tried that, and then it works

...just trying to figure out how big / common an issue this is

Will debug this issue further. Let me know if it repeats again.