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Hi Christopher,

Just like Praveen said there is only few platforms. There are other platforms you can use with different website called STAMPLAY. You can link it to Kik bot made with Sequel Bots, you'll need your API key to link it to STAMPLAY Kik and from there you can use different platforms. I've done it once it's easy nice way to add integrations there 55 integrations know. However, I don't necessarily love the program I stick to the original Sequel Bots program. There are bugs and some coding keys and what not i'm not familiar with. They do have tutorials; yet lack communication skills there support isn't all that well, they'll look at your question and not answer or give you response you already knew. There are so many integration from translators to google calendar to social media. It's up to you to use it, I my self will be waiting for Sequel to make these Integrations possible instead of using STAMPLAY. I hope this give you ideas or helped. And DON'T forget to Enjoy Your Day!

Hello Jophine,

I had that same issue I logged out of my account and back in (Also closed my internet browser and opened it once more) "It worked for me no guarantee it would work for someone else", Signed back in and hit publish and it worked for me. I hope this helps if this happens in the future. I realize this is an old post but I had the error about two weeks ago. Enjoy your day.

Hello Jessica,

I'm sorry to say this. Onsequel as far as I know does not have an Android app for sequel. However, could you explain why you don't like the product Apple? Thanks for saying they may make an app in the later future. Enjoy your day!

Hi Lance,

I can give websites that may answer this for you. botmetrics analytics for kik bots. I hope this helps. Please enjoy your day! Also, you can learn more about what is by going to this website.

This just seems to be bug please understand that there are bugs in every software. I'm sure they'll fix as soon as possible.

This would be an awesome feature. However as far as I know KIK points is the only bot the can give KIK points from a bot. If you do however find out please let us know. :) Enjoy your day!

Mozilla or known as Firefox is also supported as far as my use goes. I've used both and they work great! Hope this helps or just a tip at that. :) Enjoy your day!

Can you please give or take of when this will be available? This is another account I have by the way.


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