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Andrew 4 years ago updated by anonymous 2 years ago 5

Hi! I would like to make a Admin security bot my object is when you're in a group chat you can type "@AdminBot" and it will activate and do its job and only the admins can turn it on or off, the object is for this bot to stop swearing and sexual activity with in the chats. If this is possible please let me now. <3

If the person so happens to curse of any sort or sexual activity it will give them warnings, after that if it continues the bot will kick them out now if they can come back in but if they continue more it bans them, also spamming control too. I don't know i just think it would be awesome cause not all admins can be there and we get complaints on Kik about that so if that is possible please :)


Hi Andrew,

Thank you for choosing Sequel!

The adminbot feature is currently in development stage and should become available in near future. We'll announce here as soon as this has been implemented.

BTW, have you started creating any bot? Let me know if you need any help.

Yes i have. It's fun must say, just please try to get that workin <3


Sure, we'll update as soon as this becomes available.

Can you please give or take of when this will be available? This is another account I have by the way.


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