I want to create a feature in my story that can be purchased with Kik Points --- HELP!

Kai E 4 years ago updated by Komputer Repair Geexs (KRepair 4 years ago 4

All right, so here's my dilemma:

In my story, I would like to include a feature that allows you to skip the wait time on certain tasks, due to the fact that the wait times on parts of my story are hours long.

But this feature cannot be free. If it was, what would the point be to include a timer in the first place?

I want a varying charge to my Wait Skipper:

* 1 - 29 minutes: 5 kp

* 30 minutes - 1 hour: 15 kp

* 1 hour 15 minutes - 3 hours: 30 kp

* 3 hours and up: 50 kp

Hey, I'm going to try a few prototypes and get back to you lol

I'm not sure how to do this myself... I guess we'll wait for a developer to help us lol

This would be an awesome feature. However as far as I know KIK points is the only bot the can give KIK points from a bot. If you do however find out please let us know. :) Enjoy your day!


Hi Isaac.

Thanks for trying! I appreciate it :)

Have a good day,