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Hah, I'm glad you liked them. I wanted a distinct visual feel for each person and that felt like a fun way of doing it.

It's an obvious point, but worth saying: if you're going to have a choice that doesn't actually branch the plot (i.e. it merges back in straight away) then most of the time you should still reward the player for their choice by giving a line or two of unique text. The player will feel like their selections matter, and it means they're rewarded even more on a replay.

Expected punctuation also depends on the speaker. This was another good article on the question of text punctuation (

"Even the period, once the most benign of the punctuation spectrum, now feels aggressive. And the exclamation point is so ubiquitous that “when my girlfriends don’t use an exclamation point, I’m like ‘What’s wrong, you O.K.?’ ” said Jordana Narin, a 19-year-old student in New York."

(Incidentally, Pixabay is great for public domain stock images)

Yeah, that's pretty much my average too: it sometimes looks a bit longer if dialogue snippets are cut up on different lines.

Similar to Greg, I've got my notes on the progression of scenes written down wherever's convenient and then I've been doing a lot of the writing in the tool. I was having some technical issues (now sorted) with Sequel earlier today so I got a lot of writing done in a spread sheet, which is handy for keeping the different text snippets nicely isolated.

Hi everyone! I'm Joey. I write interactive fiction and I've worked in games publishing in the recent past. I'm finding it pretty fun writing in Sequel so far.

I believe I've had the pleasure of speaking with the two of you before. I hope your projects go well!