Punctuation in Texting: a closing period is less sincere.

Jophine Fu 8 years ago updated by Richard Goodness 8 years ago 7

Have y'all seen this? It's a social psychology study about how college students perceive texts that end in a period versus not.



Sounds like an extra character for the reply space to me


Expected punctuation also depends on the speaker. This was another good article on the question of text punctuation (http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/01/style/when-your-punctuation-says-it-all.html?_r=0)

"Even the period, once the most benign of the punctuation spectrum, now feels aggressive. And the exclamation point is so ubiquitous that “when my girlfriends don’t use an exclamation point, I’m like ‘What’s wrong, you O.K.?’ ” said Jordana Narin, a 19-year-old student in New York."

Actually, I could work with this--I don't think I have a single character who's particularly honest with the player in my story :)


I'm working on giving each of my main characters a distinct texting style (without it being annoying...). I can't stand leaving out punctuation, though, so even the character who never capitalises still uses apostrophes perfectly. They're college students, not savages, dammit. I figure anything "hip" (that's what the kids say these days, right?) I try to do will be dated by next month, but anything stylistic I make up myself will be an individual character quirk.

I've been thinking about this as I go. Now that there's scientific evidence to back it up, I'm tempted to go through and take the periods out of the end of all the sentences

Just an interesting "editing" angle: As I go through the stories, I'm trying to be quite careful with pointing out typos because they may be, in fact, intentional!

BTW, some of you have already used the phone's "auto spell-check" and "unique typing personality" to humorous and effective ends!

Since reading this thread, incidentally, I've noticed that my boss ends just about all of her text messages with a period, and they're making me super paranoid. I'll tell her we need something and she'll say a simple "Okay.", because it doesn't require anything beyond a simple confirmation, but I'll immediately wonder what the hell i did wrong :)