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Hi, all, I'm posting this thread for us to introduce ourselves to each other.


I'm Mark, and I am working on a channel with my writing partner Rob Wittig. Our background is in electronic lit, interactive storytelling, and something we call "netprov" -- which is improvised online storytelling. I also write a series of interactive stories with my kids under the title Mrs. Wobbles and the Tangerine House.

We're excited to be working with you all!


Hey, I'm Lynnea. I've written several interactive fiction stories (link) and I've worked at BioWare. I will say that mixed media is something new and interesting for me, and I'm hoping it comes out smoothly.

I remember Mrs. Wobbles from the IF Comp; that was a lot of fun and I'll be excited to see what new things you come up with.


Uh, just realized I should actually link to the nice website I spent a lot of time putting together instead of the IFDB. So, here: Made Real Stories


Hi everyone! I'm Joey. I write interactive fiction and I've worked in games publishing in the recent past. I'm finding it pretty fun writing in Sequel so far.

I believe I've had the pleasure of speaking with the two of you before. I hope your projects go well!


Great to meet some of the other makers here! I'm Megan, a playwright and game story writer from Oakland, CA. Can't wait to see what y'all create with this tool :)


Hello. My name's Joe. I'm from New York. I have done and continue to do a wide range of freelance writing work, including screenplays, stage plays, web series scripts, prose fiction (mostly ghostwriting), copy writing and a host of other odd, unique, un-categorizable creative writing gigs.

Best of luck on all of your series. Look forward to reading them and getting to know each of you.


Hi there, I'm working from Pasadena as a freelance writer/editor/graphic designer and self-published fiction author. Currently, I'm working on a cooking series here. Absolutely enjoying the experience.


Hi everyone! I'm Emily, from London but living in Mallorca. I'm a novelist and blogger, and working on my first interactive story. It's all new and an exciting to me.


Hi everyone,

I'm Leah: a part time romance writer from Canada, full time GIS nerd. I have zero experience in interactive fiction or gaming, but have penned a few books in my chosen genre in addition to several commissioned "official fan fictions" for musicians and youtubers. This is all new territory for me but I'm having a great time so far.


Hi, I'm Shirley. I'm a writer/narrative designer and recent graduate from Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center in Pittsburgh, PA. I come from a technical background, and have experience in interaction design and enhanced e-books. I enjoy screenwriting - my current favorite piece I've written is a Gilmore Girls spec. Nice to meet you all, and I look forward to seeing what everyone does!


Hi Everyone! My name is Matt and I'm a comedy writer and performer based in New York City. I'm new to interactive fiction and I'm excited to be working along side you all.


Hello! My name's Naomi. I'm a writer, artist, and game developer; I've created several interactive fiction works in the past. It's great to meet all of you, and to work beside you. :)


What a great mix of familiar and unfamiliar faces! So delighted to see all of you, and I can't wait to read your stories!

I'm from Canberra, Australia and from the world of novel-writing - I just discovered interactive fiction this year and now it's my whole life. My first story is a steampunk Australia adventure called Attack of the Clockwork Army and there are a LOT more gamebooks in the works. My channel here is the paranormal romance "Enchanted". Those who know me from this year's IF Comp forums will already know forums are my favourite mode of procrastination.


Hey hey - I'm Greg Boose in Santa Monica, CA, and this is my first time working in this kind of medium. Have high hopes for my channel, Neighborhoodies, which is The Burbs meets Arrested Development.

I've had a few YA action books published -- two as a ghostwriter that did REALLY well, and one under my own name that fell REALLY flat -- and I've been focusing on scripts lately. Have a web series in preproduction and trying to get some pilots out there.

Looking forward to seeing all your work on here.


Hi everybody.

I'm Julius and I'm from Sweden, I've done a lot of Twine stuff under the name PaperBlurt and I guess that some of you have played the stuff I've made. I've been doing Twine games since 2013 but I've also worked as a game writer, copywriter film critic and other writing gigs.

I'm working on a serial killer thing in Sequel and I'm excited to see what you'll come up with as this is new for all of us in a way. The Tool (sounds secret and cool don't it?) is easy to use and very similar to Twine, so that's a big plus for me!

Good luck!


Hi everyone! My name's Evan, and I'm a comedy writer from New York. Like Matt above, I too am new to interactive storytelling. Excited to work alongside you!

I think that makes 3 of us New Yorkers that are new to interactive storytelling.


Hi all, I'm Ellen, my background is in film and theatre. Have read a lot of interactive fiction but this is my first foray into writing it - although I've fiddled with Twine a lot I've not published anything. Very excited to get to know you all and see all your amazing stories!

Oh, PS, my story is "The Last One", which follows the journey of a refugee from Syria to Europe.


Oh man, I'm happy to see some of the Twine/IFComp crew here! I'm Jo/Joey Fu and I'm a Twine person. I'm also writing a lengthy visual novel for my company Date Nighto, coming late 2016! I'm used to doing a bunch of text stuff, so working with visuals is making me wring my hands a little.

I'm writing "Imprisoned", a Silent-Hill-y escape-the-room game with some puzzles and a cool BFF named Morgan.


Hi all,

Introducing myself as well though I know some of you already. I'm at Kiwi (the company behind Sequel) and I've always been interested in storytelling and digital media. Started making games about eight years ago, and over time began focusing on story-driven games for casual audiences.

That journey has led to this project, and for me, is an exciting privilege to be attempting to bring diverse traditions from writing, interactive fiction, MUDs, visual novels, choose your own adventures, Vine, YouTube, television, etc. to a mass audience in a novel way that has been enabled by where technology and lifestyles have gone.

Anyway, excited to be collaborating with all of you!


I'm mikO. I'm a songwriter from the Bay Area. I went to Mills College for English/Creative Writing. My channel is a reality/scripted reality/comedy story about my misadventures as a freelance musician and music instructor. I'm also adding in a lot of random stories about my family and dating life, or sometimes lack there of....


Hi there!

It seems like I am the 4th New Yorker in here ;) We should meet around a drink sometimes!

Me in a nutshell:

I am part of the Sequel team, designing both the Sequel app and the Sequel Authoring tool, and I am also a stories lover. Never went into professional writing but Sequel might be the best way for me to write my stories!

I am also learning roller derby skating and I enjoy sewing vintage dresses.

I am still working on the story I am going to write on Sequel - debating between roller derby or sewing... Maybe both!

I am from Paris and I moved to NYC 4 years ago. My english might be a bit broken so I am sorry in advance ;)

Really excited to meet you all!


Oh man, I'm an *ex* New Yorker who moved to Portland, OR about two months ago! i knew they were talking to a bunch of people through the IFCOmp and all of that--I've heard of a bunch of you and I'm glad to be in such good company :)

I've worked almost exclusively in Twine up to this point--my stuff's at richardgoodness.wordpress.com/games/ For here, i'll be doing Coventown, which involves witches and vampires and shit like that.

I'll be excited when we're able to play through each others'!


>I'll be excited when we're able to play through each others'!

Me too! Quite a group here!

I'm a professional writer, under various pseudonyms. As a freelance tech reporter, I wrote for everyone from Salon to Wired to Blorge, eventually starting up my own blog about the Kindle. (Reader's Digest chose one of its posts as one of the 20 "Best Reads of 2011.") I co-developed a word game for the Kindle, and I've also written two Android apps.

I was once hired to write over 50 short mysteries for children -- five of them were recorded as audiobooks -- and occasionally I dabble in the children's book "voice". (I also recently launched another blog about children's picture books). I entered this years Interactive Fiction competition, and am really looking forward to meeting other authors here!


Hello all; I'm excited to see everyone here! I'm Cat, an academic and a freelance writer/editor. I'm based mostly in Los Angeles, though I travel/move around for academic reasons fairly frequently. I'm really passionate about the possibilities of interactive fiction/storytelling, and I've made several games in Twine (and have a couple works in progress); I'm writing "Victims" for here, which is a journalistic thriller about uncovering a conspiracy that some people would do anything to see buried. Looking forward to seeing everyone's work!


Hi, I'm Jessica. I write contemporary and new adult romance under my pen name Jerica MacMillan. I'm new to interactive fiction, but I'm having fun with it so far. I'm still coming up with the title of my channel. For me, titles are either immediately obvious, or really hard to come up with. Usually it's the latter. I'm looking forward to checking out everyone else's work!