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Any update on the non-triggering of keywords issue? Just checked the old bot and I see that the issue has not been solved.

Note that in the last sequence there are no diacritics marks used!

There IS a GoTo Node linking up at the first node under Home (I had reset nodes linking the Home node, but it did not work ... and logically, it does not matter, as the Home node is empty).

The link (not sure whether this is correct) is: (I copied the link from the editor).

When you look at it, please look also at why the following keyword list sequence fails (and selects the No Match Node):

1) jā, esmu

The issue is that the keyword "jā" is defined in the node that should have triggered: "ja, jaa, gribu, velos, veelos, jā, labi, vēlos". (it works if I use "ja, esmu").

On Messenger/Skype the following keyword list sequence (without any letters with diacritics marks ... however ... "jā" (yes) is not the same as "ja"(if) ... so support of UTF-8 is important!) just stops:

1) ja

2) salami

3) ja

4) ja

5) kolu

6) ja

The keywords for the node are: "pareizi, ja, jaa, taisniba, taisniiba, jā, taisnība" (so ... "ja" is one of the keywords).

On your simulator in the editor the sequence works just fine! It breaks in the deployments.

Hi, thanks, but it does not work on Skype!

THe command "/restart" just triggers a Skype message:


Available commands:
/me [text]
/add [skypename+]
/alertson [text]
For more help please see


And the GoTo node did not make a difference after re-publishing (Update) also.

Correction - it does not matter whether the goto link is used or not. The non-triggering is in some places random and in some it just does not work.

This looks like a bug in the platform. Sometimes for some reason the keywords (the same keywords in the same graph node) work and sometimes they don't. They usually do not work when I start the dialogue and they do trigger if I return to the same node from a goto link.

The keywords seem not to be working as in-between text keywords, but rather as exact sentence match keywords! That is so restrictive!

I wanted to know how to set variable values from user input and not hardcode the things myself! The thing is I do not know what the users might tell, but I want to save it for later!