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Keywords do not trigger within sentences

Mārcis Pinnis 4 years ago updated by Kurt Roembke 2 years ago 4

Do I understand correctly that the so called "keywords" are "exact sentence match" examples? For instance, I have listed keywords "No, not, never", but none of them is triggered if the user writes: "No, I do not want it!".

This looks like a bug in the platform. Sometimes for some reason the keywords (the same keywords in the same graph node) work and sometimes they don't. They usually do not work when I start the dialogue and they do trigger if I return to the same node from a goto link.

Correction - it does not matter whether the goto link is used or not. The non-triggering is in some places random and in some it just does not work.

Under review

I'll have this looked into further.

Is this still under review?  I'm just starting with a game bot and in the preview test I can't get the narrative to move to the next message node, even when using all of the key word triggers.  Let me know if this has been figured out! :D