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It's working now ! :) (Windows 8/Chrome)
Thanks a lot!

Thanks for your reply.
I don't get it, I tried again and the result is the same. I'm doing it wrong?

It seems possible because OnSequel stories are available from the store :
The question is : how they select the stories shown ?
I think these stories are probably written by OnSequel and they are used for discovering the service.

HI Omar,

I tried with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome and I can't use carrier return.

Another user could test please?

Hi Mitesh,
I tried the CTLR+ENTER keys and nothing happens.

I'm using Chrome v51.0.2704.103 m.
Thanks ;)

Hello @Mitesh,

Could you tell me how did you use the GET function (from API node) to extract the data issued from the matched search lookup into the spreadsheet? It's ok for POST from api node to zappier and for retrieving the targeted data into the spreadsheet with the zappier search (step2). But I failed to use the GET (bad syntax?) function from API node even if can see my wanted data (JSON) from a's URL inspection.

I tested with the url used from Zappier as a Base URL into OnSequel GET API node. Am I wrong?



I just saw the possible integration between a zapier webhook and Sequel API node, it's awesome :)

Hi Michael,

I'm using API to retrieve data so it will display between 5 and 10 items per request.

I understand that Sequel is more oriented for storytelling than bot as his first use.
I will find another way to display my data. Thanks ! ;)

Hi Mitesh, you are awesome :)

Everything works like a charm ;)

Many thanks !

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your answer! :)
I know that I need to use API key, I asked mine to Google Developpers website and I got it.
When I write the full URL (with parameters and my Google token) in my browser, that works :

I can see the JSON result.

Indeed, in "Open full Response", I can see :

  "error_message": "This service requires an API key.",
  "html_attributions": [],
  "results": [],
  "status": "REQUEST_DENIED"

Maybe the problem comes as you said from the "?" character in the request parameter...

Too bad, I was close ! ^^ I will search another way to get data from JSON without the "?".
Does anyone succeeded to retrieve data from JASON array with the API node ?