Sequel + Zapier + Google Sheets to look up a value and make a specific response

Pavel 7 years ago updated by mano 7 years ago 5

Hi Sequel team,

I'm not a technical person but I'm trying hard :) I'm stuck now though.
What I want to do: When a user types an answer to the bot which has no match, I want it to look a keyword in a Google Sheet and then provide the answer with the corresponding value. I plan to update the Google Sheet with various answers to answer all the "no match" bot queries.

So I used Zapier to connect everything. Zapier receives the Webhook and apparently the "GET" function works. But I have no idea how to make the "POST" work. When I'm creating a ZAP for a Webhook to "POST" stuff, it asks me for a URL. Is this a URL the same as the one to "CATCH" the hook? Or is it one provided by Sequel?

I know this sounds confusing because I'm confused myself :) But I'm looking for a way to make the bot search a certain keyword in my Google Sheets through Zapier, and if found, return the corresponding answer.

If you know a way to make it work, it would be amazing!

Thanks a lot!


Hi Pavel,

Sorry that you're having this issue! I've reached out to you directly to help solve this problem.


Hello @Mitesh,

Could you tell me how did you use the GET function (from API node) to extract the data issued from the matched search lookup into the spreadsheet? It's ok for POST from api node to zappier and for retrieving the targeted data into the spreadsheet with the zappier search (step2). But I failed to use the GET (bad syntax?) function from API node even if can see my wanted data (JSON) from a requestb.in's URL inspection.

I tested with the requestb.in url used from Zappier as a Base URL into OnSequel GET API node. Am I wrong?



I just saw the possible integration between a zapier webhook and Sequel API node, it's awesome :)

@Vincent Is this working fine now? We checked you channel and found that GET request is working properly for zapier.

To clarify : Go to API Node -> Type url -> Select Method type as GET. If Url support GET then you will get success. This can be tested in simulator in real time.

Let us know if some help is needed.

I wander it works. Although I am not a tech expert, I know both Zapier and Sequel are new start up company and still have a lot problem to solve as a user view. Because I had tried both of them. The Sequel even can not allow to embed on website, not mentioned to connect to Google sheet or other platform. However I believe they will provide easily process to satisfy the users needs for future growth and really bring benefit to the clients to use these new widgets, bot or A.I.