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Sorry for my wrong reply.

I was referring to [ ] " "  issue in replies... those still show in bot reply. Thanks.

Did you manage to find a solution to this ?

Hi Praveen, did you find a solution to this issue ? Thanks.

I keep getting this [ ] " "  in my viber, telegram and FB chat... and I think all has been setup correctly.

Hi Preveen, any suggestion on how to remove [ ] " " ?

Today also preview not working in Skype.

How to remove [ ] " " ?

OK, now it's working.

One thing though, now in viber and telegram get some weird result: [ ] and " "

In Viber get ["reply"] , in Telegram just "reply"

will I be able to see users replies as separate conversations ?

I have abt 50 people who will use this bot and they will reply these set of questions every 2-3 days... how will it show on my Viber ?