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In Shutterstock - can we use the images marked "Editorial use only"?

Colour-coding and labelling for nodes would be really useful.

Ideally it would be great to get to conditional text based on decisions higher up in the tree, to prevent loads of replication and branching off. But as it is, if we want to have basically the same dialogue with only slight changes based on earlier decisions, it would be really handy if we could colour-code particular nodes so that we can note there are differences in the dialogue on different branches there, to help keep track.

Is the countdown supposed to appear for every delay over 5 seconds? Will that appear on the finished app? It seems a little distracting at times when I want to have the character struggling to find the right thing to say. Will there be a way to select how delays are displayed maybe?

Great, thanks for the clarification.

I'm reading Jill, which was the first novel by the poet Philip Larkin. Finding it unexpectedly gripping actually - thought it would be more dour and difficult to get into, but it's got a great sense of humour and a real humanity to it.

Hi all, I'm Ellen, my background is in film and theatre. Have read a lot of interactive fiction but this is my first foray into writing it - although I've fiddled with Twine a lot I've not published anything. Very excited to get to know you all and see all your amazing stories!

Oh, PS, my story is "The Last One", which follows the journey of a refugee from Syria to Europe.