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Hello , just send to the bot " /restart " command , then it will restart the bot with the lastest version you published.

(This command erase everything that is stored in your bot variable , so be careful )

Also, when you pass from one episode to another one , they are updated to lastest version published.

Hope it help 😋

It will simply not work , you need to :

- Store an image in an image variable 

- Store the image variable in a text variable 

- Extract the file_id ( you can use the Api to do that )

- Use the Api telegram to get the file path (Use a url shortener as the variable and api can't handle many text (you can use yourls api)

- Then use the telegram Api (again) to get the direct download link to the image uploaded by users.

After that , you will need to use this telegram direct link (which you need to shorten too)

Instead of {imagen} , use the telegram link. Which is something like<token>/<file_path>

Hope it help