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Vincenzo 3 years ago updated by Anthony “Sit3” 3 years ago 8
Scusa, il mio inglese non è eccezionale, spero che tu capisca

Ho creato un bot per il telegramma e sono stato pubblicato e funziona bene.

Ho fatto una modifica al bot ma sul telegramma il bot non è resettato
 hai qualche coscia?

Sorry my english is not great, I hope you understand

I created a bot for telegram and was published and works well.

I made a change to the bot but on the telegram the bot is not reset
 do you have any thighs?

Under review

Point me to your bot link at onsequel.com and I'll debug the issue further.


the bot works but when I do a boot update I do not see it remains locked to the first version

I understood where I was wrong I did the bot without putting the reset and it was published.

now it has been updated but the contacts that started it remain locked in the old screen

in one of the bot sections I did not reset my device now and locked in that section without being able to go back

while those who use it now that I've entered the reset have no problems

I'm sorry, not able to understand. Please be more specific and in detail with the issue you are facing.

Hello , just send to the bot " /restart " command , then it will restart the bot with the lastest version you published.

(This command erase everything that is stored in your bot variable , so be careful )

Also, when you pass from one episode to another one , they are updated to lastest version published.

Hope it help 😋