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I'm really needing this feature, searching in a big tree is very important.

Two days ago both bots started working again, both suddenly at the same time. This is some server capacity problem?

I don't have another telegram account but I tested it on kik and it's happening again, the bot is randomly stuck on a delay, most of my delays are 10s, this time there is no error message, it just hangs in there, /restart command doesn't work

Im stuck there, any ideas? should i unpublish my bot and try again?

any solution to this? unpubish?

What do you mean with "The image object isn't defined in the API node" ? Image is send in the url parameter

The image is uploaded by the user in the step before.

and {imagen} is defined as a image variable

The weird thing is that the API works find in the simulator but fails in telegram.