i do not see all my facebook pages so i can't publish the bot in a rigth one

rocco scarinci 3 years ago updated by Raimund Bauer 3 years ago 5

I'm afraid you can only see a few list of FB pages in the dropdown list. I'll escalate this to our technical team to show all the FB pages when clicked on dropdown.

thanks, but today is still not working. :-)

We are working on this, will update you once it's fixed. Might take a little more time than expected.

I have spent the whole day creating several episodes, tried to publish with 4 different browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera) on 2 different FB pages, always get an error (contact team dialog) - or can't select the right page https://www.facebook.com/robottradingde

It does work with Manychat and I would also like to know how to delete the cached information, because on IE I have never logged in with Facebook and Onsequel isn't even asking for an FB account anymore.

Please check your logs, I think there is something seriously wrong with the connection process...