Quiet or Noise?

Michael 9 years ago updated by Richard Goodness 9 years ago 4

When you write, do you need quiet or do you have something on in the background?

I'm a music guy, but it has to be music I already know. I can't listen to something new. Too distracting.

Quiet or rain sounds. If I'm having trouble focusing, or the ambient noises of the household are too distracting, I turn on rain sounds and use headphones to block them out. It also helps when the distractions are in my head. Music is too distracting, because I pay too much attention to it and don't get work done.

Noise for drafts (I think to distract me from the blank-page fear) and silence for editing.

With these stories, I've been linking to youtube songs and playing them over and over as I write, since they're meant to set the mood and establish character and theme.

Depends on what I write, but I have no problems with music.

But if I write in english I prefer music in swedish and vice versa...

Most of Coventown was written to a kickin' doom metal soundtrack :)