The bot stopped

Ariel Diaz 3 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 3 years ago 15
The bot stopped without showing any error.

It is published in Facebook.com/dreebot


I checked and it's responding. BTW, how come you haven't published the first episode? There is a GoTo Episode linked to Episode 1 at the end of 2nd episode.

I did not publish the other episode because I wanted to do a test first.

I tried the bot again and it does not respond. I attach an image as proof.What could be the problem?

I tried sending messages with another user. Responded well the first time and then stopped.

BTW... although the decision flow does not follow the path of GoTo Episode Node, the linked episode always runs, I explain?

I rechecked now and the bot is responding correctly with 2 episodes now published.

Could you please type /restart and then check to see if it plays right?

It worked with /restart, but then stopped working again.

Is something missing from the bot so it will not stop?

Remember the strange performance that runs episode 2 without calling it

I already understood how the sequence of episodes works. I did not know they were running sequentially.

BTW, I still have the bot stop problem. I always have to type / restart to respond

So, once you restart the bot, does it stop at any point later? If so, could you please type /remoteGetDetails and send me over the data?

It stops at the end of the episode and does not continue until it restarts

User Id: 2525919 Bot User Id: 1098819836847107 Channel Id: 15587 Episode Id: 26493 Bot Type: FB Server Env: PROD Bot ID: 1632926090365444 Preview Bot: false

At which episode and what instance the bot stops for you? Could you please send me over a screenshot?

It stops at the end of the flow through any of the branches.

The bot has only one episode https://www.onsequel.com/channels/15587/episodes/26493/trees/26486

The episode ends here and then does not respond again

The last node in this episode is "Gracias por comunicarte con nosotros!" and this is where the bot stops as expected. What exactly is the issue you are facing then?

The problem is that the bot does not respond again. That is, if I understand correctly, when the user writes something, the bot should re-start the episode, or am I wrong?

How does the user to chat with the bot again?

Once the episode ends and no content/data available, the bot will stop and not restart. If you wish to restart from any other point, use the GoTo Node, this way the bot will restart from any other point you link it to.

So it does not start every time the user writes a new chat?

If a user makes a request today, and wants to do another one tomorrow, can not he do it?

You should then have different episodes and make sure to have re-engagement set with specific date/time for it to start. This is the only option.