How do I use the ADD RESET NODE feature?

The ADD RESET NODE feature allows you to "rewind" the reader back to a previous node. Why would I want to do that? Well, perhaps you set it up that one story path ended with a spectacularly horrible and painful death. You probably want your reader to be able to go back and make a better choice.

This is actually an "early" version of the GOTO node. You can use the GOTO node to do the same thing. :-)

Here's an example of a simple User Choice.

- The classic Open Door A or Open Door B:

Image 22

Under the last Character Node, click on the + icon. It will open the Advanced Node menu.

Image 23

Click on "Add a reset node":

Image 95

You'll see a new blank Reset node with an arrow:

Image 24

You can drag the arrow up to any previous node:

Image 25

When you release the arrow, it will display a dotted line showing you the new connection:

Image 26

Note: You don't want to create an endless loop, so be careful where you "vector" your reader back to. Also, using the Reset Node, you can't go over to a branch that the reader did not previously "travel" down:

Image 27

If you want to go "across" to a different branch, use the GOTO node.

You can always make your reader go back to the start, or back to a critical decision point. Your choice!

Image 28

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