What are the recommended Specifications for my Story?

Writing Tool Browser - Please use CHROME browser only. The Authoring Tool and Chrome get along famously. If you insist on using Firefox, we can't be responsible for any fistfights that might break out.

Photo File Size Limit - Each image file size has to be under 5MB. (Note: This has been increased from the earlier limit of 1MB.) This doesn't mean you have to make your images that large. In fact, smaller is often better and faster. e.g.: Steph Curry.

Minimum image size:

260 X 100 pixels

Just know that there are higher resolution phones and pads these days, so anything kinda tiny can look weak, thus the minimum size limit.

Facebook's image guideline:

  • Image ratio is 1.91:1

Recommended image size:

780 x 1050 pixels (Portrait Mode)

780 x 600 pixels (Landscape Mode)

Audio File Size Limit - Under 10MB

Video File Size Limit - Under 15MB

Kik's video guidelines:

  • Videos are limited to 2.5 minutes in length and must be under 15MB..
  • Videos to be auto-played in the client must be under 1MB.
  • Try to use only mp4 videos.

(Note that larger sized videos can be added to the bot by uploading them to YouTube and linking to them.)

Avatar Photo - This is your Character's little photo/image that appears next to their message. 90 x 90 pixels. A non-white background is best since it appears on a white page. The app will automatically create the circle frame around your avatar image.

Story Cover Image -This is your photo/image that appears as your Channel picture. 1125 x 942 pixels. It also currently appears as your Episode picture in the Sequel Tool. These only appear in the Sequel app.

User Choice character length - The maximum length of a User Choice button node is 70 characters per button.

Character Name length - Names show up best if they are 20 characters or less. Sorry "Jarrod Saltalamacchia"

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