How can I use the "JOIN a Conversation" and "LEFT a Conversation" feature?

Here is a way you can employ the "Joined a conversation" and "Left a conversation" feature in your story.

1) Say, you have a multi-Character dialogue session:

Image 51

2) On the App, it would show up like this:

Note: the App automatically displays a "<Character> has joined" the first time each Character appears.

Image 52

3) Now you can control who appears to "join" and "leave" a conversation.

E.g.: Click on the Character you want to have leave the conversation:

Image 53

4) The Text Toolbar appears under the Character. Click on the "Character Leaves" icon.

Image 54

5) A new line will appear under the Character that says "<Character> left the stream."

Image 55

Here's how it would look in the App:

Image 56

So, if I want multiple Characters to join or leave during the conversation, I just designate them to do so.

Image 57

Here's an example:

Image 58

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