How do I insert an Image at a User Choice node?

Here's an easy way to use pictures as User Choices instead of plain text...

1. To insert an image at a User Choice node, first create a normal User Choice branch:

Image 82

2. Click on the User Choice node to open it. You'll see a new Image icon on the left side:

Image 83

3. Click on the icon to open the loading pop-up:

Image 84

4. Select your image:

Image 85

5. Click DONE and your image will appear as a User Choice! You can also add text below the image:

Image 86

6. Click outside the node and you'll see your new image/text. (BTW, if you want to remove it, click the X-icon over the image.)

Image 87

7. The Simulator will give you a close approximation of how your image User Choices will appear. Note: Some devices may have slightly different shaped text boxes.

Image 88

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