How do I use Webhook node type?

Start Node Re-engagement via Webhook

> This feature allows the author/third-party to have control over starting the selected episode for a selected user.

> Webhook allows the author to decide the ‘when and whom’ for a particular episode to start via http (get/post) calls

> When a third party supports a webhook call, their documentation will specify the type of call (GET/POST) and the format of the data that the call involves.

> Sequel supports webhooks made by third parties and as a bot creator, you can configure these in the Start Node of an episode.

How to set up Webhook?

A. Configuring API Node

1) Webook Start node works in conjunction with API node

2) This API node should be present in one of the Episodes other than the Webhook Start node episode with “Send Webhook Data” option selected under “Advance API Options”



3) Payload field name:

i) This is the field in which Sequel submits the user identification data to the third party

ii) The third party will need to send back this data to Sequel while invoking the Webhook call

4) Payload field method:

This should be set as per third party’s API documentation

B. Configuring Start Node

  1. Open the Startnode of the episode for which you would like to have webhook support and select Webhook from the dropdown list.
  2. Specify the payload field name in which third party will be sending the User identification data
  3. You can also extract the parameters from the body or query of the third party webhook call and assign them to the variables. To do that, specify which parameters you want to extract and select the appropriate variables to assign.
  4. Copy the webhook URL provided by Sequel and share it with your third party which will be making webhook call to trigger the bot.


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