What are some Kik specific message display questions?

Q: On Kik, it looks as though the photos that are supposed to be from the Player character are coming from the Story character. This is not the case in the Sequel Simulator.

A: On Kik, there is currently no way to distinguish that an image is sent by the Player character vs from a character in the story. Try having your supporting text help identify what's going on. e.g." Here's a pic of that dessert..." or e.g.: "I'll send you a pic. Hold on."

Q: What are the “” that show up in my story on Kik?
A: if there are ever any 2 consecutive Player character messages or User choices, Kik inserts a "..." message in order to provide the keyboard option.

A: If you have audio, video, GIF followed by User choice link, Kik inserts a "..." message.

Q: Lines of dialogue from the Player character are made into buttons, when I don't want them to be buttons.

A: All Player character messages show up as buttons. Unlike the Sequel app, every time you send Player character text, it will show up as a button. e.g. "1. The sun is rising..." then "1. in the East." Just know that every Player character line will show up as a button press, so don't have a lot of ANYTHING in a row. Messaging was built for playing ping-pong (back-and-forth conversations) not for long soliloquies. :-)

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