Sequel Content Guidelines

Sequel’s goal is to have a safe and open platform where you can easily create awesome conversational entertainment bots on lots of different Messaging platforms.

We have a growing group of creators - from writers to game designers and developers - exploring this exciting new medium and would love to have you be a friendly and trustful part of that community. Please exercise good judgment and take the time to understand and respect these simple “Just don’t go there” guidelines.

Don’t post content you don’t have permission to use. It’s up to you to ensure that your content doesn't violate intellectual property rights, copyrights, trademarks, privacy rights, or other rights or laws. Seriously.

Don’t post pornographic or overtly sexual content. This includes written and visual material such as images, videos or media that displays sexual activity. Don’t post any content that depicts sexual abuse, sexual assault or other illegal sexual acts. Don’t post or solicit any sexually suggestive content related to minors.

Don’t post content that actively promotes violence or hatred against others on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age or sexual orientation. This includes, but is not limited to, depictions of child abuse, animal abuse or bodily harm. Don’t post content that graphically describes or promotes any type of self-harm. This includes content that encourages others to injure themselves, sanctions anorexia, bulimia or other eating disorders, or to commit suicidal acts.

Don’t bully, threaten, abuse, harass or post others’ private, confidential information. We won’t accept the harassment of people on our site. Be kind and respectful of each other.

Don’t impersonate someone to mislead, deceive or confuse others. While the use of satire and parody are fine, commentary, parody, or fan content should be clearly designated as such.

Don’t spam anyone. User and/or technical abuse won’t be allowed, and may result in an account suspension. E.g.: Malware/Phishing: publishing or linking to malicious content intended to disrupt or damage another user’s account or device, or to compromise a user’s privacy or login information. Don’t try and get users to spam each other even if it’s done knowingly by them. Create great stuff that people want to share.

Don’t provide a poor user experience. We reserve the right to determine whether the content provides a poor customer experience. The material could be too short in length, illogically wonky flow-wise, or have technical issues. A Sequel bot will have the benefit of quality expectations on the part of users, and we value community contributions that help us set a high standard. See the Sequel Forums and FAQs for Tips and Hints on how to improve your content for messaging platforms.

Don’t ignore your audience who include a broad range of teens and adults. (Ages 13+)
Content rated G/PG/PG-13 is generally suitable for everyone on Sequel. Stories may contain some use of strong language and non-graphic mentions of sex, violence, and/or drug use but should be mentioned/signaled appropriately in the description so users know what to expect.

Sequel Terms of Service

Be sure to check out the messaging platforms where you want to publish to ensure you meet their Terms of Service and Content Guidelines:

Kik Terms of Service

Facebook Terms of Service (Community Standards)

Telegram FAQ

Sequel moderators may, at our sole discretion and without warning, remove content in violation of these policies. We reserve the right to make judgments about whether the content is appropriate and to choose not to offer it.

Help us stay on-point by contacting us about any content that violates these guidelines at

If you have any questions about these policies, please contact us at

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