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Andrea Gambini 3 years ago updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 3 years ago 7

I have to create a bot that asks questions to which you answer either YES or NO. At the end of the questionnaire, depending on how many YES / NO have you given, tells you something like

I can count YES and NO?
Thank you

Under review

Hi Andrea,

Yes, this is possible. Point me to your bot link at onsequel.com and I'll add a template for your reference.

do you need only this link? https://www.onsequel.com/channels/38117/episodes/62525/trees/62516

I've added a template in your bot. It has the quiz template with "Score" as variable which can be incremented. Similarly, you can use it for user's answer if Yes or No and then increment them to get the final count of user's who have opted Yes or No. Let me know if this helps.

Thank you so much!!

I would have other doubts but I do not want to disturb again


Not a problem at all, we're here to help you. Write us here your questions and we'll be happy to help you out.

thank you so much!

in practice I have to do a chatbot where there are 8 questions "yes" or "no" and a question that is a logical mathematical operation (x = a / b ^ 2) and tells me the result

Yes, you can use this via variable and functions. Please do check our guide which will help you create this,