User decision to open link in webview

Hanmagento 3 years ago updated by Hans Magento 3 years ago 13

Hello. I am trying to launch a url on user tap on a choice button with a string like "Open now". 

I tried https://forum.onsequel.com/forums/2-faqs/topics/210-how-do-i-use-the-web-link/

BUT if i create a carousel, delete the Carousel card node then the user choice associated (and associated a weblink) will never show up in the simulator ;-(

How should I proceed to create a CTA that includes a String that points to a link.


BOT: you are all set now. Let's proceed to next step?

BOT: GO TO NEXT STEP (as user choice that on tap opens link to web page)

Under review

Could you please point me to your bot link at onsequel.com and I'll be able to add this web link in it?

Hello Praveen. Thanks. 

So right now i am more playing with the builder to understand if it can do what I want. 

Please find bellow the link to the episode: https://www.onsequel.com/channels/25302/episodes/59638/trees/59629

It's pretty simple. I just want a button to open a page in a webview whitout the carousel img/title/description on top. 

But i am interested to understand how to do that so i can do it later.

Thanks a lot for your help


To which platform are you looking to publish your bot?

I just want a button that can open a webview. Is this platform specific? Do you mean we can't do it easily with Onsequel? Thanks

Yes This is what i did ;-). But from my initial question in thread:  

1. if i create a carousel, delete the Carousel card node then the user choice associated (and associated a weblink) will never show up in the simulator ;-(" 

2. If i let the carousel img/title/description empty (which i can't really do as the title is mandatory), the simulator displays the carousel as empty.... is it only an issue with the simulator? Or would it appear like this on FB/KIK/...

3. At last the carousel is FB only. Woudl it work the same for Kik/telegram/Slack...

I am sorry to insist. Tahnks a lot for your help again.

1. Yes, if you delete the carousel card node, all associated user choices will get removed

2 The carousel content should not be empty. It will appear empty in all platforms.

3 Carousel card can be used for FB only at this point of time

Ok Praveen. So i am terribly sorry to insist. BUT HOW CAN I HAVE A LINK THAT OPEN A WEBVIEW WITHOUT THE CAROUSEL??? At the end i just want to send a message that says "Click here" and the user can click on it to open a webview ;-( This for all platforms. Thanks again

For that, you can add the web url in a normal message node and by tapping on it will open the web link. Is this what you are referring to?

Hello. Ok thanks. But i wish I could have get a more user friendly link in chat. For checkout use case for eg., i wouldn't like the url to show all params. Is this the only solution? ;-( Thanks Praveen.

Yes, this is the only solution at this point of time. Sorry if this doesn't help you much.

OK no pb Praveen. Thanks for your support.