Can i let user upload a picture?

Hans Magento 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 5

Is there any way user can answer anything else than text? Wondering how they can send me a picture in-chat and how can i get it? Thanks


You will need to use an input node and can have user's input message or image. This need to be stored in a variable which can then be retrieved by using it in a message node. 



Awesome.Wasn't sure as i didn't see it explicitely in the documentation.

Will try. Thanks a lot

Sure, let me know if you have any questions.

Hey sorry to bother you. How would I be able to get the img url? Is it hosted somewhere? Is there an API call i could request to collect the img of this specific user within this specific chat/conversation. Goal being for eg. to get this image and apply a filter on it for eg from my backend. Then send back the image to user. Thoughts? Thanks so much again.

Hmm ;-) i think by using the api node i can do what i want ;-))) But would the user be able to post an image through a POST call? If yes that's awesome!!!